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Association for Social Advancement and Rural Rehabilitation popularly known as ASARR is a non-profit, non-political and also non-communal social organization of Bangladesh was established in 1997 as a non-government, private, non –profitable and non-political voluntary organization which registered with the Social Welfare Department of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh and NGO Affaires Bureau. The ASARR monogram reflects KNOWLEDGE BASED home for every citizens of Bangladesh regardless of class, religion, gender, color and caste, free of abuse, exploitation and discrimination between each other. The blue color of the monogram signifies the symbol of hope, joyful learning, and knowledge of light, trust to each other and fulfillment of future dream of the ultra poor.  



ASARR works with people whose lives are extremely dominated by poverty, illiteracy, disease and other handicaps. With multifaceted development interventions, ASARR strives to bring about positive change in the quality of life of the poor people of our country. ASARR firmly believes and is actively involved in promoting human rights, dignity and gender equity through poor people’s social, economic, political and human capacity building and meet the humanitarian response.. Although the emphasis of ASARR’s work is at the individual level, sustaining the work of the organization depends on an environment that permits the poor to break out of the cycle of poverty and hopelessness.



ASARR ‘s aim is eradicate poverty from the society by providing humanitarian assistance, microfinance capacity building, clinical care, micro enterprise development program, adult and child literacy and ICT training program. The motto of the organization is “Divine and Humanitarian Service”. To establish and maintain, contact and collaborate with partner organizations, other institutions, bodies and societies in Bangladesh and abroad including relevant international agencies and to coordinate with such institutions, bodies and organizations for furthering the objectives of ASARR.

Our Programmes


Recognizing the need to structure disaster response mechanisms in Bangladesh, ASARR has put into place a Disaster Response agenda that strives to carry out timely interventions in the wake of major disasters, humanitarian crises, and other national or local emergencies. The Disaster Response agenda not only seeks to provide immediate relief and rehabilitation support to the victims, but also seeks to help victims tackle the long-term effects of such events including psychological issues and traumas.

From the beginning of the Rohingya crisis in August 2017, ASARR is working in the camps in Kutupalong and Nayapara and providing non-food items to the Refugee Camps in Ukhiya and Teknaf areas. We have quite a large number of volunteers to work with us. ASARR is working in camps to deliver different non-food items. The organization also delivering comprehensive primary health care services including community health, and secondary referrals to the populations living in the Refugee Camps in Ukhiya and Teknaf areas. ASARR also supporting children at Refugee Camps in Ukhiya and Teknaf areas. Some recreational activities included in the programe so that Rohingya children can overcome the trauma situation. Biscuits and chocolate packets also are distributed.

Micro Credit

Income generating activities is one of the largest components of ASARR. The organization commenced micro credit program as an attempt to reduce severe poverty. The organization found it very difficult to help people without their participation. Through this program, the field supervisors organize small groups formed with the grass root people belonging to the poorest of the poor class, encourage them for savings and support them with financial assistance as well as technical and motivational guidance. ASARR operates its micro credit program in the Kachkura area under Uttara Thana in Dhaka district. Due to the activities of the program the living standard of the poor people, especially the women have been change a lot. ASARR first introduce the program in the Kachkura area under Uttara Thana, and the program is widely accepted by the people of this area as the member of this program is increasing day by day. The micro finance programme of ASARR is a tool for poverty alleviation and empowering the poor. Lack of access to the formal banking system deprives them of the facilities to borrow, save and invest in productive activities, and this is a major reason why poor people remain poor. Making credit available to the rural poor enables them to become involved in different income generating activities which in turn, allows them to become economically self-reliant. Through this process ASARR’s micro finance programme works to create a self-sustaining and reliable financial service programme for the poor.

Micro Enterprise Initiative

ASARR is providing the essential health service package through its health workers to the destitute women and children in the Azampur, Katchkura, Tongi, Dhaka and Khulna. The health workers do not get any salary but receive a compensation of average Tk. 300 per month for their work through referral fees and from service charges that they receive by promoting health commodities in the community.

The organization has some young and energetic doctors who work in the Medicare centers of ASARR. Components of Essential Health Service Program include water and sanitation, family planning, immunization, pregnancy related care, basic curative care, and TB.

Health is an important sector among ASARR’s development interventions. Over time ASARR has designed several health strategies and also change its approaches to improve health programming.

Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian programme for forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals (Rohingya)

Health Protection Service

ASARR is providing primary comprehensive health care services including community health, and secondary referrals to the populations living in the Refugee Camps in Ukhiya and Teknaf areas. Our primary health services are included Pregnant women, Lactating women, Child, Adolescent, Elderly people. The project also providing primary health care facilities like, preventive, promotive and curative services along with simple diagnostic investigations and access to referral facilities. In implementing primary health care ASARR is taking take a special provision of HIV/AIDS management, and providing peer counselling to a different group of people in the camps in Kutupalong and Nayapara in awareness raising through IEC materials and distribution of leaflets, and medicine.

Child Protection

ASARR has created a Child-Friendly Space within the Refugee Camps in Ukhiya and Teknaf areas. It is implementing a comprehensive child protection program. The program consists of three main elements: 1) Child Friendly Spaces, including psycho-social support, 2) Case Management for follow- up of individual cases and 3) child protection community structures including building relations with the host community. Such Child-friendly spaces will help to reduce the vulnerability of children in hazardous situations, where psycho-social activities would reduce the impact of trauma on children and mitigate protection risks. Alongside psycho-social activities, CFS would also refer children with protection needs to identified referral mechanisms.

Non-Food Item distributing

To ensure basic needs and personal hygiene of Rohingya Refugees living in Bangladesh ASARR is distributing non-food items among them. ASARR is providing other materials which include clothing, solar lamps, plastic sheets, mosquito nets and so on, depending on the specific needs. As the winter season is approaching in Bangladesh non- food items like, Jacket and cardigan as winter cloths to the men and women including, heavy blankets are essential now. ASARR is collecting those items from its various source. Besides, bedding, pillow, mosquito net, mosquito coil, kitchen utensils like the cooking pot, plate, spoon, bucket, and bowl, hygiene materials such as toothpaste and brush collected through donation process.

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